Saturday, September 29, 2012

November is Healthy Lifestyles Month

To promote childhood health and wellness, National PTA created Healthy Lifestyles Month. Throughout the month of November, PTAs nationwide participate in PTA Healthy Lifestyles Month by conducting programs and events that promote health education, physical activity and parental involvement. Knowing that a healthy child can achieve and learn more, PTAs are encouraging families to increase their physical activity, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, develop community oriented physical activity programs and promote healthy lifelong behaviors. National PTA’s Healthy Lifestyles Month has encouraged PTA to get creative and develop clever initiatives that make living healthy fun.

The National PTA’s Healthy Lifestyles Program focuses on the connections between healthy 
lifestyles and student achievement.  The mission of the National PTA’s Healthy Lifestyle program is to aid parents and other community organizations with the tools and resources they need in order to develop and promote healthier schools and foster healthy parental engagement.  

1. Increase the connection between healthy lifestyles and student achievement  
2. To reduce the risk and prevalence of  childhood obesity 
3. Encourage physical activity and healthy eating among school age children (grades K-12) 
4. Provide resources and guidance in the areas of obesity control management  

All local PTAs are encouraged to plan events and activities to promote the health and wellness of their communities. It can be something as small as featuring an article in their newsletter or as big as organizing a 5K walk. To support local units’ efforts, the PTA national office is offering a limited number of PTA Healthy Lifestyles Grants of up to $1,000.   

Visit the National PTA Health & Wellness page for more details.

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