·         A Garden in Every School,
·         Allstate Insurance Company (Teenage Drivers),
·         American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry,
·         American Heart Association,
·         American Lung Association,
·         American Pediatrics Association,
·         American Psychological Association,
·         Center for Science in the Public Interest,
·         Chesterfield Parent/Teacher Resource Center
·         Children’s Health,
·         Child Abuse Prevention
·         Child Safety Officers at school
·         Common Sense Strategies for Raising Alcohol and Drug Free Children,
·         County Council of PTAs
·         Criminal Justice Resources: Gangs,
·         Environmental Protection Agency,
·         EPA Go Green Initiative,
·         Family Education, What Your Family Needs to Know,
·         Family Food Zone-National Dairy Council,
·         FDA Kids’,
·         Feingold Program,
·         Gangs in Virginia,
·         Gangs or US,
·         Health Care Centers in Schools,
·         Inhalant Abuse Awareness
·         Inhalant Abuse Awareness
·         Internet Safety
·         Juvenile Justice Clearing House,
·         Kids Gardening,
·         Local Community Services Board
·         Local law enforcement agencies
·         National Association of School Nurses
·         National Asthma Education and Prevention Program,
·         National Cable Television Association, “Cable in the Classroom”,
·         National Dropout Prevention Center,
·         National Family Partnership,
·         National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute,
·         National PTA Common Sense Program: Strategies for Raising Alcohol and Drug Free Children,
·         National PTA Community Violence Prevention Kit - Children Need Futures…Not Funerals,
·         National PTA web site at
·         National Resource Center on Domestic Violence,
·         National Safety Council School Bus Safety Rules, and Back to School
·         Safety Tips,
·         National School Safety Center,
·         Nutrition Explorations,
·         Obesity Prevention
·         Office of Safe and Drug Free School Program,
·         Organic Valley,
·         Parenting Dignity,
·         Parents Television Council,
·         Project Fit America,
·         SAFE (Substance Abuse Free Environment)
·         Safeguarding Your Children,
·         School Bus Safety,
        School Menu,
·         School Nutrition Association (formerly ASFSA),
·         School Safe Guard-Bus Seating Solution,
·         Security On Campus,
·         S.T.E.P.P.  .
·         Student Pledge Against Violence,
·         Take Action Against Substance Abuse and Gun Violence,
·         Team Nutrition,
·         Teen Smart Driver,
·         The Center for Successful Parenting,
·         The Green Flag Program,
·         The Lion & Lamb Project,
·         The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program,
·         U S Department of Agriculture, Center for Disease Control & Prevention,
·         Violence and Videos,
·         Virginia Action for Healthy Kids,
·         Virginia Cooperative Extension Service,
·         Virginia Dept. of Health,
·         Virginia Fire and Life Safety Coalition,
·         Virginia PTA Web site at
·         Walk Smart Virginia,
·         World Health Organization-Project Immunization,
·         Youth Commission Prevention Summary,

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