Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Underage Drinking Prevention

Alcohol is the most commonly used drug by youth—more than all illegal drugs combined.  That's why Mothers Against Drunk Driving® (MADD) wants to provide the tools to help teens take a stand against underage alcohol use and to equip parents to have potentially lifesaving conversations about alcohol with their kids.

There are several ways teens can use their power to take a stand:
  • Read MADD’s teen booklet and share it with friends.
  • Visit www.facebook.com/MADDsPowerofYouth to enter to win NFL prizes through MADD Props™ by taking a pledge not to drink underage or ride with someone who has been drinking.
  • Enter MADD’s video contest to demonstrate your power to stop underage drinking and for a chance to win the latest iPad by December 28, 2012.
Parents often concern themselves with teaching their teens to not drink and drive rather than talking with them about the dangers of drinking underage. What parents may not know is that research shows the earlier kids start to drink, the greater the likelihood they will become alcohol dependent, drive drunk, and experience other negative consequences that are parents’ worst nightmares. 

Research also shows that parents are the leading influence on kids’ decisions of whether or not to drink alcohol.  MADD is empowering parents to use their influence to talk with teens about alcohol through the Power of Parents® program and the parenthandbook that equip parents with the research-based information to have these potentially life-saving conversations. Use this influence not only at home with teens, but share this valuable resource with other parents.

Please contact Cristi Cousins at MADD VA (804-353-7121 or cristi.cousins@madd.org) to learn more about MADD’s programs for engaging youth, parents and the community to prevent underage drinking.

Underage Drinking Prevention. Mothers Against Drunk Driving. 13 November 2012.  www.madd.org 

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